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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day :  )  

Lots of good wishes for you all. 

There are many sad differences among us but that is also something we should embrace and celebrate.  

Despite of it all, we are just one world. 

Hope you had a great day : )


You really are kind of terrible as an RPer, no offense. Maybe you should just give up on running an ask blog and turn it into a different type of blog, like a food blog or something. Just a suggestion, btw...


Now I know where Peter learnt to be retarded.


PS: Actually, that might not be a bad idea, given that I do like to appreciate art and food can be some sort of art. Hmm, I’ll consider it. 

PSS: /Challenge accepted. Go right ahead and jump in with a plot./

Bored as fuck, big rant ensures.

I wonder if I should escalate this blog to something better, more mature but I’ll be honest: despite the fact this is easily hackable and accessed, I can do what ever I want and yet I don’t.
Trolling people here isn’t too fun and most of the time it is more annoying than anything.

I have found around here many accounts of people who say they are the nations they are supposed to be but they are really retarded.
I could probably raid their “Ask Blogs” but I’m sure the people playing as whom they are supposed they are will become ‘triggered’ and flip me off without a cohesive answer.
Alright, fine, don’t answer me. It is certainly not retarded to play as a Nationfolk for just shits and giggles without investing time in learning their history or at least give them a substance. For Gaben’s sake, France isn’t that of a Nymphomaniac, Sweden’s retarded and Russia’s a big baby. And I know all of this because I’ve hacked their personal accounts. Yeah, Snowden can eat a dick.

Trying to keep my rants as short as possible, the truth is that I have found good things and utter shit on this website. So I guess Sealand wasn’t that off in his quest. Not that he seems to care about the account that much since he is more of an outside person than I but, eh, to each their own.

Speaking of crappy  the “ask X” tumblrs, I am actually interested in partaking on one. There’s that description on the side of this Tumblr that nobody seems to gives a fuck about so I’ll just make it clear: Go ahead and ask us stuff. It can be about any topic; ask me or Sea. I get bored at times and maybe I’ll that as a a form of outreach, much like Peter intended in the first place.

So, yeah. That’s all for now.


Well lasses, people, I am sort of back.  

I might not be as often as I expected though since I’ve been busy. Sealand on the other hand has pretty much forgotten he has a Tumblr. I don’t mind, the less he is invested in this place the better.

I’m just throwing you this since I saw it pop up in my Twitter feed. What a load of crap guys. You have reached a new level of retard.

Congratulations people.

BTW, I’m in the mood of getting me an online multiplayer game. Any suggestions?